April (crystal) - Gemvius
April (crystal) - Gemvius
April (crystal) - Gemvius

April (crystal)

$ 13.95

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Matte black onyx gemstones handcrafted with faceted Czech glass birthstone crystals.
Our birthstones crystals are cut from Czech glass which is known for its vibrant colors and superior craftsmanship. The surrounding gemstones are made from natural stone and hand picked for their rich color and premium quality. All of our bracelets are handmade and strung up on premium elastic cord which we tie numerous times and seal with a metal crimp to ensure comfort and durability. Before being strung, each bead is carefully inspected to ensure quality and consistency throughout each bracelet.

Why wear Gemvius bracelets?
At Gemvius we strive to make trendsetting gemstone bracelets. Whether you want to add a touch of gold to your style or rock your birthstone proudly, you can do it knowing you are wearing a bracelet uniquely designed and handcrafted by our team. All bracelets are made to premium standards that way all you have to worry about is which bracelet (or bracelets!) suits your style.
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